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iPad is “Magic” for Tradeshow Floor Demonstrations

2010-08-21 20:06:20

There is a reason Apple characterizes its iPad as a “magical” device: Physically interacting with interface elements heightens a user’s connection with the user interface, and creates a sense of immersion.

Tablet computers are a great tool for physically sharing information with someone in a way that they are immediately invested in the content that is being communicated. The small screen forces the listener and communicator to interact on a close, personal level, and the positioning of the two parties as they stand close, peering into the screen, evokes a sense of discovery.

What a great way this would be to demonstrate the user interface and features of web-based product interfaces at a trade show! The one-on-one nature of iPad demonstrations immediately pulls prospects out of the tradeshow’s crowd atmosphere and pulls them into an intimate conversation where the sales engineer or sales representative can powerfully speak to their individual needs.

Flicking through a few screens on a large monitor is a decent way to draw people to a booth, but the ability to easily hold a personal, private, one-on-one demo is a purpose for which the iPad has seemingly been custom-designed.


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