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Applying the Minimum Viable Product Principle across Your Workflow

2013-01-13 16:59:08

I'm convinced that Minimum Viable Product strategies should not be reserved only for startups. Because the MVP philosophy forces you to strip your project down to its core essence, great benefits can be gained by applying this focus to many types of work.Read more

iPad is “Magic” for Tradeshow Floor Demonstrations

2010-08-21 20:06:20

There is a reason Apple characterizes its iPad as a “magical” device: Physically interacting with interface elements heightens a user’s connection with the user interface, and creates a sense of immersion.Read more

Tutorial: Building a Flash Video Player in ActionScript 3 powered by JavaScript through ExternalInterface

2010-01-05 20:39:46

This tutorial stems from the frustrations I recently encountered creating a Flash video player for a website, and I hope it will help others solve issues, including...Read more View all posts