Jeffrey A. Haines Digital Marketing and Brand Manager

Web Design, Focused on Your Audience.

I'm Jeff Haines, an Annapolis, Maryland-based emerging creative thought leader in the fields of web marketing and user experience-centered multimedia design and production.

By focusing on creating audience experiences that are both visually stunning and emotionally compelling, I strive to instill a sense of wonder and an aura of magic through my work. Considering the entirety of the audience experience, along with the communication medium itself, my works seek to tug at emotions through novel exploration of visual and auditory languages.


As I continue to redesign this site, I'll be building out a full portfolio showcasing my best creative work.

Currently, you can see my latest professional work at ScienceLogic, where I manage the web. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. You can also read my resume.


I'm a native of Annapolis, Maryland and thoroughly enjoy living and working in a city with such great atmosphere, attractions, and proximity.

Many areas of my professional life penetrate my personal activities. As a content developer, my eye for design and style remains focused even when I am not completing a work-related task. The arts encompass many of my endeavors, although I try to devote myself to as wide a range of areas as possible, and continually try to at least capture a taste of any new interesting field that I might encounter.

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Digital Media Blog

For a real time snapshot of my thoughts and discoveries, check out my blog, where I discuss design's manifestations, impact, and future. I'm not the most frequent poster, but my blog should reveal what I'm up to, or what industry issue is currently on my mind. I try to keep the topics primarily professional, writing on trends in interactivity, video, style, and more, all from the point-of-view of a multimedia designer.